The PRR's Springfield Junction at Ganister, ca. 1930s.

The PRR’s Springfield Junction at Ganister, ca. 1930s.

This photo comes from Abram Burnett. It is a view of the PRR lines heading east past Ganister towards Williamsburg. Stone Row begins with the two white homes on the right. The freight station is the tall building to the left of the tracks in the distance. The passenger station is the platform building to the left of Stone Row.

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  1. My mother annie(speck) bauer was born and raised on stone row(3 house in from the junction).basil fex was her father and Elsie(fencenko,fitcenko)was her mother
    They built the church(holy assumption) in1916.her mother Mary died in191329sept.buried at st.josephs in wpa. Your info and pics are great
    .only my aunt Elsie remains of all those of stone row.the church was beautiful always forxmas and easter and closing.

    1. Daniel,

      Somewhere I have a photo of one of the old stone row homes with a unidentified woman in front of one of one of the homes. I’ve tried to replicate the image and then super-impose her onto the way it looked several years ago when I was last out that way. I’ll see if I can’t dig that up.

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