Old and new Ganister, the old St. Mary's Orthodox church in the foreground with the new Grannas Brothers quarry in the background

This website will attempt to document and preserve the history and people of an ‘old’ quarry town not far from Altoona, Pennsylvania. ‘Old’ because the history is neither ancient nor even colonial-American in nature, but still from a time or era before the second decade of the 21st century.

The aim, for now, is to have a simple history of the town along with some basic information on the old families of Ganister—with care not to provide too much detail—and where they came from, some maps of the town and then lastly photographs.

None of this, however, could have happened without the help of so many people. From biographical information, to the history of the town, to old stories and anecdotes, to old photographs, most of all that has been provided by others. I am merely attempting to piece together all the different pieces. So, much thanks to my mother and her siblings, my Aunt Dot and her family, the Kavchoks, Ann Gorsuch, Helen Pelak, Helen Stadelman, the Skvirs, the Kasuns, Michael Vapnar, Arlene Gardiner, Bob Lepak, Kristy Meyash, Elsie Wilson, Helen Eisenhower, Gary Krajacic, Tim Gasper, John Jones, and many others.

If you have some names, some stories, or a photograph that you would like to share, or even any questions, please feel free to e-mail me.